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Skylight Studio Details

The Skylight Studio is a medium-sized studio that’s accessible from the Mt. Auburn Street entrance, and is located just past our front desk on the left. (See the floor plan.)

It is approximately 550 sq ft and has hardwood floors. However, an area rug is available should you want to use one.

The natural light streams in from the namesake skylight above, and through a glass door with a window above. You may decide to open the back door for fresh air.

The Skylight Studio may fit 30-40 chairs in a circle, and 20-30 for movement (such as yoga); this depends on how close you want to get!

By default the studio contains 20 chairs, 20 back jacks (pictured), and a large assortment of yoga props: blankets, blocks, bolsters, and straps.

The Skylight Studio has a stereo with CD player and iPod connector. If you’re interested in a larger studio space, explore Charles River Studio.

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