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Introduction to Shamanic Journeying – Meet your Power Animal

Shamanic Journey Class

Shamanism is a spiritual practice found in cultures around the world from ancient times up to the present day. Shamanism cuts across all faiths and creeds, reaching deep levels of ancestral memory. (John Matthews, “The Celtic Shaman”).  The shamanic drum journey is a way to communicate with your inner spirit self.  When we listen to the steady drum beat at 120-130 beats/minute, we enter a trance-like state as our brain shifts into a theta state, much like lucid-dreaming.  According to Dr. Barry Bittman, “drumming helps boost the immune system and promote physical healing.”  

Drumming and journeying are basic tenets of the shamanic practice.  Thousands of years of practice indicate that shamanic approaches have value to those who use them, or they would not have survived and been perpetuated.

In this half-day class you will be introduced to the powerful technique of shamanic drumming and engage in the ritual of journeying to meet your personal Power Animal (PA) spirit guide.  You will be assisted each step of the way and given practical applications to grow your relationship with your PA.  This is a guided, small-group experience led by an experienced shamanic practitioner.  Tamara is a practicing Shaman, Reiki Master-Teacher and Physical Therapist with over 30 years of healing knowledge and expertise.

Date/Time:  Saturday, August 26, 2023 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Location:  22 Mt. Auburn St., #10, Watertown, MA

Any questions? Please email Tamara at

Price & Registration

Your $25 non-refundable deposit is applied to your tuition and is required to hold your space. The full $50 tuition is payable via:

  • Cash
  • Venmo (@zha123)
  • OR mailed check made out to:  

Zentgraf Healing Arts
155 Seven Bridge Rd
Lancaster, MA 01523

You can reach Tamara at 978.875.2299.