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Zhanna Lee

Zhanna Lee
Sex and Intimacy Coach
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Phone: 508-449-0634
Office: WCHA Spring St. #2
Sex and Intimacy Coaching and Tantra Education for couples and individuals

About Zhanna

Growing up in a physician’s family, Zhanna has been fascinated by alternative healing methods and a mind-body connection since her early childhood. An avid reader, Zhanna pursued an advanced degree in Literature and Philosophy, taught at university, and tried different professional paths, before she discovered her passion to bring more wellness, harmony, and sensuality into people’s lives as a sexuality coach.

Already a long-time yogini, occupational therapy practitioner, Reiki Master, and personal and professional development coach, Zhanna began to study Tantra in 2016, and started her Holistic Sex and Intimacy Coaching Practice shortly thereafter.

About Holistic Intimacy Coaching

Holistic means “dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone, and not just a part.”

Zhanna’s sessions are based on a unique combination of psycho-somatic methods, including Tantra, conscious consent practices, communication games, and intuitive counseling.

​As your Holistic Intimacy Coach,  she will listen to your concerns and desires, and provide you tailored approach with solid advice, information, and support. As your Tantra Educator, she will guide you through practices of deeper embodiment, awakening your vitality and pleasure, and being more powerfully present for your partner – through your body, and your heart.

What is Tantra?

​The word Tantra in Sanskrit can be translated as “weaving together”, or the instrument of expansion.

Tantra is the Eastern tradition of non-duality, which has its roots in Buddhism and Hinduism. Tantra precedes yoga, the physical and spiritual practice of uniting body, mind, and spirit. The intimate practices of Tantra were believed to expand consciousness, reach enlightenment, as well as to create, and sustain spiritual connection and physical passion within traditional marriages.

​All Tantra practices are based on seeing sexuality as a positive and empowering life force. Tantra teaches how to embrace, increase, and use sexual energy in your relationships, your bedroom, and your life.