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Home » Ecstatic Dating For Successful Emotionally Mature Singles – Boston

Ecstatic Dating For Successful Emotionally Mature Singles – Boston

Ecstatic Dating

Exclusive group of 15 evolved men and 15 evolved women (40+) 15 authentic connections * SoulmateSync® Matching System

“To awaken to the fun, excitement and joy of discovering yourself, while meeting others who are discovering you.” Scott Evans, attendee.

If you are sick and tired of being alone, app flakiness and meeting wrong people for awkward blind dates, you are going to love this event.

Event Details

SoulmateSync® Matching System: Our proprietary matching system will ensure that everyone will be matched with a person they had the most resonance with.

We are helping to match not only your personality, but also your energy, your heart, and your entire being unlike traditional matchmakers.

Our unique mix of speed dating techniques will make your dating process educational, authentic and FUN!

This is also one of the first speed dating events in the world specifically targeted to professionals on the path of self-development, self-realization and service at large.

== >> Your match will be a person who is open to personal growthauthentic communication and co-creation. Who is done with the casual flings, and looking for an empowered partnership.

== >> Your match will be a successful professional. Who has the passion and drive to succeed at life. So you can connect as equals.

==>> Your match will share at least one of your major life goals. You will both want to find a serious relationship, or start a family, or make the world a better place. (Maybe even build a retreat center.)

==>> Your match will be out-going, adventurous, and open-minded. Interested in trying new things, and soaking up all the world has to offer.

Where dance, movement, fun and playfulness becomes the place where you meet others.

What to Expect

Well, during this powerful, curated experience, men and women stand across from each other in a circle.

Then, each of the 20 women will connect with each of the 20 men through carefully planned activities:

Each activity, we create an environment that make these deep connections easy and effortless.

You will embrace authenticity and deepen your connections with our expert guidance in every interaction, without having to think what to say or feeling awkward.

You will be able to let go of the randomness of “blind dates” If you are dating, and will not have to go through the humiliating experience of waiting for a text after a date, or wondering if you were rejected.

“I feel like I’ve known my partner for two years, even though we just met this week.” Zoe M, Boston

Price & Registration

$50 per person

Limited Spots Available: Don’t Miss Out On Your Chance To Find True Love…

Ecstatic Dating For Successful Emotionally Mature Singles
Friday, November 10th, 7:30 to 10 pm
Watertown Center for Healing Arts
17 Spring St., 2nd Floor (Charles River Studio)
Watertown, MA, 02472

About Luba Evans

Luba Evans is the founder of Empowered Womanhood and Galiana Meditation Retreat.

Luba Evans M.S., C.HT, Certified NLP Master Coach, Harvard Speaker, is one of the most sought after, acclaimed and distinguished coaches in the world for highly accomplished professionals who want their love life to be as fabulous as they are.

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