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Please complete all fields below, and don’t forget to email your headshot to

You will be contacted to review your initial profile page to ensure accuracy. Any updates in future should be sent to the email listed above.

See Practitioner Profiles for examples.

If you’re a regular renter of a WCHA office space
Address for your website outside of WCHA. Please do not include social media at this time.
E.g. Mental Health Counselor, Yoga Instructor, etc.
Please limit to 150-300 words.
Please provide BASIC info about your current offerings: e.g. 60 min sessions for $100. You may also provide a link to a class registration page, etc.
Any info you’d like to provide to help people understand your modality. (e.g. “About Reiki”). Please limit to 300-500 words.
Doing this immediately after submitting your form helps us get your profile done quickly & keep costs low.

Please complete all fields below, and don’t forget to email your event/class image to

You will be contacted to review website content to ensure accuracy. Only recurring events will continue to be listed on the website after their date of occurrence.

Please provide the date and time of your event/class. Be sure to specify multiple days/times if applicable.
Select where at WCHA is your event/class being held.
Practitioner Profiles are listed here:
(If you do not have a Practitioner Profile) provide a max 150 word bio for yourself.
Doing this immediately after submitting your form helps us get your event/class listed quickly & keep costs low. Please send as a .jpg or .png. Do NOT send a PDF flyer.
Please provide a 3-5 sentence description of the event/class itself. You’ll have an opportunity to provide more information later.
Please provide a link to your website’s registration page, EventBrite ticket page, or other online way for people to sign up for your offering. If you do not have a link, please provide a short description of how people can sign up.
If you have additional descriptive details about the event/class (e.g. you want to explain the modality), do that here.
If you have additional details about the price, tickets, promo codes, maximum number of registrants, etc., supply that here.
If you’d like to include any other information about your event (e.g. Testimonials from prior attendees), please include that here.

If you’re interested in renting space, please let us know using the rental space request form below.

The Watertown Center for Healing Arts has office space for full-time, part-time, and hourly rental. We also have studio space available for classes, workshops, trainings, and practitioners’ individual sessions. If you’re not familiar with the WCHA’s spaces, you can find details here.

Please note that completing this form does not reserve or otherwise guarantee your use of any space.

As spaces may be in use, please allow at least a week’s notice for a tour.
Ongoing renters are given access to shared Google calendars to book their space, as well as entry keys/codes. An event or rental contract may be required.
Please include a few details about your work & professional background. How do you hope to use the WCHA?