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About WCHA

Our Story

The Watertown Center for Healing Arts (WCHA) has been a home for holistic & healing arts practitioners for over 20 years.

Located conveniently in Watertown Center, we provide space rentals for continuing education & large training group experiences for various modalities, including movement, coaching, therapy, meditation, massage & bodywork.

The WCHA is made possible by the hard work & generosity of counselor & healing practitioner David Knoerr.

Healing arts practitioners secure space through WCHA to offer their own classes, courses, trainings, & workshops to other practitioners as well as to the public.

Healing experiences at WHCA have included:

✔️ movement (yoga, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, etc.)

✔️ nutritional coaching

✔️ non-violent communication (NVC)

✔️ psycho-, sensory-motor therapy

✔️ Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy

✔️ acupuncture, Reiki, Alexander technique, massage

✔️ various styles of meditation