Tommy Priester, Clinical Herbalist and Wellness Counselor


Tommy Priester has moved to:

4 Minebrook Road Lincoln, MA

phone: 339-223-0647


Clinical Herbalist Wellness Counselor

Bear Medicine Herbs Founder and Herbalist


Tommy, a compelling teacher and a practicing herbalist since 1998, combines western herbalism with Native American tradition and ritual. He has completed studies with renowned master herbalists Gail Ulrich, Margi Flint, Matthew Wood, William LeSassier, Phillis Light, Donald Yance, David Delta, and Stephen Harod Buhner. Tommy is currently on the faculty of The Boston School of Herbal Studies. In 1984, a Seminole introduced Tommy to traditional Native American ways. During the last 20 years Tommy has had the privilege of learning from Abanaki, Cherokee, Ojibwa, Lakota, and Cree elders. His primary teacher was Albert Tait, a Cree elder of The Norway House Cree Reservation in Manitoba, Canada. Tommy has also studied core shamanism with John Ford and Michael Harner, Dana Robins and Tibetan shamanism with Larry Peters.


Upcoming Classes

Shamanic Plant Journey Classes
January 18th, February 7th, March 8th, April 12th, May 10th, June 14th,
July 12th, August 9th, September12th, October 4th, November 8th, December 13th.
Sponsored by
Experience how physical and spiritual energies of plants effect all levels of being. Participants will meet the physical plant, experience the energetics of the tincture and open to the spiritual energies of the flower essence.  Through drumming and guided meditation we make contact with plant wisdom for our own personal healing, the healing of our families, communities and this sacred earth.
This class is amazingly inspirational. Every class I have held over the 10 years of holding these classes, I have witnessed 99% of the people bring back information that was specific to that particular plant we journeyed to.
This class will truly change your perspectives and show you how the spirit realm is just waiting to teach us. All we have to do is connect.

Heart Mind Integration Training
2010 January 14 – October 14 @ 6:30-930
January 14th, February 11th, March 11th, April 8th, May 13th, June 10th,
July 8th, August 12th, September 9th, October 14th, November 11th, December 9th.
Tommy has developed an exciting new approach that assimilates powerful shamanic techniques with modern psychological understanding. Working within a shamanic framework, with the help of personally formulated flower essences, he guides people to reconnect with lost or alienated parts of themselves..
Heart Mind Integration method will help you understand what the fragmented part(s) of yourself needs to heal and how to begin the healing process.
This work will help you truly learn from your parts, how to love yourself(s) and ultimately, integrate those parts of yourself into your true Soul/spirit essence. Tommy’s work empowers people to experience extraordinary emotional and spiritual renewal.

Evening Seminars

Heart Mind Integration

February 25 @ 6:30-9:30pm
Location:  My office

To sign up, call Tommy Priester @ 339-223-0647

Weekend Workshops

Native Herbalism – Connecting to the Sacred Plant World
Shamanic Plant Journeys
Herbal Clinic

Private consultations

Herbal consultations involve in depth analysis of the client’s overall health. We evaluate the diet/nutrition, supplements as well as digestion, elimination, emotional state, cardiovascular, muscle-skeletal, urinary, reproductive and respiratory systems, while addressing specific issues of our clients. We use time-tested and proven holistic methods from both Western and Asian holistic disciplines. Specific herbs, flower essences, natural vitamin and mineral supplements, nutrition, and other life style changes are recommended to bring the body, mind, spirit and emotions back into natural balance.

Personalized Hand Made Formulations

Bear Medicine Herbs uses the highest quality organic and wild crafted plants to create custom blended (compounded) plant remedies. We supply our clients with teas, tinctures, salves and flower essences to enhance the body’s natural healing ability. Each blend is designed specifically for that client.


Bear Medicine Herbs has a full service apothecary, carrying the highest quality wild crafted and organic herbs and herbal products. We have over 160 different dried herbs (in glass, air tight, light protected containers, to insure the finest and freshest herbs), 180 different herbal tinctures and over 200 different flower essences from Australian Bush Essences, Delta Gardens, Bach, Woodland Essences and those made in house by Bear Medicine Herbs. We are a custom compounding herbal apothecary. Formulations are made on the premises at the time of order. We make teas, tinctures and flower essence formulas designed to fit your body, mind, spirit and emotional needs. We also make herbal oils, salves, creams and bath salts.

Herbal Apprenticeships

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